by Third Uncle Violet

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This track is about withdrawing from one's environment into a more "safe" or at least more comfortable one inside one's own inner reality.

What is happening here on a technical level is that I created a piano instrument with a lot of sensitivities and emotional issues which would react - sometimes over-react - to things like velocity and pitch. The challenge, then, was to find a way to operate the very troublesome thing without it becoming a mess - which I sort of designed it to be if one wasn't careful.

Island is a one-off and, in a lot of ways, provides some closure for me in regards to some of the problems I was addressing with "Git Mad Payded." While I am uploading this partially (and rather ironically) to raise money for a car repair job which I am not fully prepared to pay for, it is also far more important to me that people have this material if they want it for free. Download, share, do whatever you want with this other than pass it off as your own work. I'll figure out the car thing, just please have this if it means something to you.

As always, headphones are required for full effect.


released February 27, 2014
Written, produced, and performed by Dan.




Third Uncle Violet San Diego, California

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